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KGG / MLCT Linear Actuator

Quiet at high speed, perfect for electronic semiconductor, photovoltaic lithium battery and glass LCD panel.

Accuracy of repetitive motion: ±0.5UM-±1UM

Absolute accuracy: ≤10UM/500MM

High speed movement: 5M/S

High acceleration: ≥2G

KGG / MBCA Belt Linear Stage

High rigidity, safe and durable. For handling equipments, screw machines and engraving machines.

KGG / HSRA Axis Linear Stage

For computer, communication, consumer electronics, medical industry and home automation.

KGG / SMN Axis Linear Stage

High precision, high quietness, miniaturization. For handling, transfer, coating equipments.

Accuracy of repetitive motion: ±0.01UM.

KGG / HST Axis Linear Stage

One piece and rigid reinforcement. No need to disassemble the steel belt, time-saving and convenient assembly. Small size and self-lubricating structure. For computer, communication, consumer electronics, semiconductor, new energy and medical industry.

KGG / XYZ - X Double Drive D Type Gantry

XYZ gantry robots are a 3-axis solution for a variety of automated tasks. A key benefit is their modularity, so you can decide which linear actuators and accessories to include.  XYZ gantries offer a variety of advantages: cost savings of up to 60 percent, self-lubricating components, lightweight design, resistance to corrosion, dirt and dust, as well as easy assembly and installation.

KGG / XYY X Double Drive D Type Actuator Gantry System

The gantries can be motorized with stepper motors, brushless servo motor/encoders or integrated SMART motors. Contact-less end-of-travel limit sensors are also installed on these systems. Gantries can also be fitted with an optional third rotary module axis for XYZ configuration.

KGG / XX Simultaneous movement of two axes actuator

Shanghai KGG Robot Co., Ltd. X X Simultaneous movement of two axes example animation

KGG / XXS Type Linear Actuator

KGG offers XXS Type Linear Actuator for the most varied tasks. Our gantries are ideal for applications with two sets of parameters: low speeds with high loads or high speeds with low loads.