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Difference Between Geared Motor and Electric Actuator?


A geared motor is an integration of a gear box and an electric motor. This integrated body can also be usually referred to as a gear motor or gear box. Usually by the professional gear motor production factory, the integrated assembly is good, and the motor is integrated with a complete set of supply. Gear motor is generally through the motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed power through the gear reducer (or gearbox) on the input shaft of the pinion gear to drive the large gear to achieve a certain degree of deceleration, and then the use of multi-stage structure, you can greatly reduce the speed and thus increase the output torque of the gear motor. The core "force reduction" role is to use all levels of gear drive to achieve the purpose of speed reduction, reducer is composed of all levels of gears.

Geared Motor Classification:

1. According to the use is divided into: DC geared motors, stepping geared motors, planetary geared motors, gear motors, hollow cup geared motors, worm gear geared motors, three-ring geared motors, RV gearboxes.

2. According to the power is divided into: high power geared motor, small power geared motor;

3. Divided by raw materials: metal geared motors, plastic geared motors

4. According to gear type: cylindrical gear motor, planetary gear motor, bevel gear reducer, worm gear reducer, parallel gear reducer.

The ball screw gear box with built-in axial bearing can withstand high axial load. Compared with similar ordinary gearboxes, it has the features of smooth transmission, large bearing capacity, small space and large transmission ratio. Especially the service life, if its gears are steel parts, the life of up to 1000Y, compact size, beautiful appearance. Planetary gear box, the application is very wide, initially with the motor, in addition to the miniature speed reducer motor, but also used in the sunshade industry office automation, intelligent home, production automation, medical equipment, financial machinery, game machines and other fields. Such as automatic curtains, intelligent toilet, lifting systems, money counting machines, advertising light boxes and other industries.

Planetary gearboxes on the market mainly have a diameter of 16mm, 22mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 42mm, with the motor, its function can reach the load torque: 50kg 1-30w load speed: 3-2000 rpm.


Electric actuator, also known as linear actuator, is a new type of linear actuator mainly composed of motor actuator and control device and other institutions, which can be regarded as a kind of extension of rotary motor in terms of structure. Electric actuator is a kind of electric drive device that transforms the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the actuator. It can be used in a variety of simple or complex processes as an actuating machine to enhance remote control, centralised control or automatic control.

Electric Actuator Classification:

1. According to the form of screw: trapezoidal screw type, ball screw type, planetary roller screw and so on.

2. According to the form of deceleration: worm gear type, gear type

3. By motor type: DC motor type (12/24/36V), AC motor type (220/380V), stepping motor type, servo motor type, etc.

4.According to the use: industrial actuator, medical actuator, home appliance actuator, household actuator and so on.


Electric actuator use: widely used in electric sofa, automatic lifting office desk and chair, automatic conference video lifting system, intelligent lifting hot pot, electric booth lifting rod, industrial electric lifting system, camera frame, projector, electric turnover bed, electric nursing bed, hood, oven and so on.

Post time: Aug-23-2023