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KGG Precision Ball Screws in Lathe Applications


One kind of transmission element is often used in the machine tool industry, and that is ball screw. Ball screw consists of screw, nut and ball, and its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, and ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment.

KGG precision ball screw plays the role of power transmission in the lathe equipment, which is more suitable for the processing of high precision parts.

The important components of common lathe are: spindle box, feed box, skid box, tool holder, screw, guide rail and bed. The main task of the spindle box is to transfer the rotating motion from the main motor through a series of variable speed mechanisms to make the spindle get the required different rotating speeds for both forward and reverse steering, while the spindle box divides part of the power to transfer the motion to the feed box. The feed box is equipped with a variable speed mechanism for the feed motion, which can be adjusted to obtain the required feed or pitch, and the motion is transmitted to the tool holder for cutting through the ball screw and guide rail. Thus, the whole machining process is inseparable from the power transmission of precision ball screw, whose accuracy will directly determine the stability of lathe machining.


Ball screw should be installed to the machine tool with the following points

1. The axis of the screw must be parallel to the axis of its matching guide rail, and the bearing seat and nut seat at both ends of the machine must be three points into one line.  

2.When installing the nut, try to be close to the supporting bearing.  

3. while installing the support bearing, as close as possible to the nut installation site.  

4.The outer diameter of the auxiliary sleeve should be smaller than the bottom diameter of the screw by 0.1-0.2mm.   

5. The auxiliary sleeve must be tight against the shoulder of the screw thread in use.    

6. When unloading, do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the nut.  

7. Avoid impact and eccentricity when installing into the mounting hole.

Lathe is a processing equipment, regular maintenance is indispensable, especially the core transmission components – precision ball screw regular surface cleaning, performance inspection and lubrication need to be put in place. Users can choose KGG precision ball screwwith self-lubrication system or add lubrication system by themselves, and should fully ensure the lubrication effect of the screw in use in order to protect the equipment.

At present, the lathe is more and more widely used in the field, high-end CNC lathe will also become the mainstream development direction of the future manufacturing industry, and the requirements for KGG precision ball screw will be more stringent.

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Post time: Nov-02-2022