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High Rigidity Complex Loads Quiet Operation Ball Linear Motion Guide

KGG has three series of standard motion guides: SMH Series High Assembly Ball Linear Slides, SGH High Torque and High Assembly Linear Motion Guide and SME Series Low Assembly Ball Linear Slides. They have different parameters for different industry sectors. 

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Machining centers, injection molding machines, machine tools, punching machines, precision machining machines, automation devices, heavy-duty cutting machine tools, transportation equipment, marble cutting machines, measuring instruments, grinding machines.

SMH series linear motion guides are four-row single-arc tooth contact linear guides. At the same time, they integrate heavy-duty precision linear guides with optimized structural design. Compared with other linear guides, the load and rigidity are improved. It has the characteristics of four-direction and other loads. , and the function of automatic centering, which can absorb the assembly error of the installation surface and obtain high precision requirements. The concept of high speed, high load, high rigidity and high precision has become the development trend of industrial products all over the world in the future. Linear slide series linear slides are the products developed based on this concept.

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Automation equipment, high-speed transportation equipment, precision measuring instruments, semiconductor equipment, woodworking machinery

The SME series is designed with four rows of steel balls to bear the load, so that it has the characteristics of high rigidity and high load. At the same time, it has the characteristics of four directions and other loads, and the function of automatic centering, which can absorb the assembly error of the installation surface and obtain high precision requirements. In addition to reducing the combination height and shortening the length of the slider, it is very suitable for high-speed automation industrial machinery and small equipment with space requirements.

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The oil consumption makes the slider performance even more outstanding. New integrated oil storage space and oil circuit design, with extremely low lubrication

The combination of SGH slider arc groove SG (45x45) has a longer anti-torque arm (A1>A) than the traditional LD groove. It has extremely high rigidity in all load directions, and improves the rated load and rated load. torque. The integrated silent backflow structure design, extremely low noise structure optimization, greatly improves the smoothness of the slider. The suS304 quick-installed dust-proof steel belt directly improves the aesthetics and smoothness of the guide rail. It can be easily installed and fastened to meet the needs of high dust-proof occasions.

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