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  • HSRA High Thrust Electric Cylinder

    HSRA High Thrust Electric Cylinder

    As a novel mechanical and electrical integration product, HSRA servo electric cylinder is not easily affected by the ambient temperature, and can be used in low temperature, high temperature, rain It can work normally in harsh environments such as snow, and the protection level can reach IP66. The electric cylinder adopts precision transmission components such as precision ball screw or planetary roller screw, which saves a lot of complicated mechanical structures, and its transmission efficiency has been greatly improved. 

  • KGG GLR Linear Motion Precision Ball Screw with Metric Threads Nut for Forging Machinery

    Accuracy grade of GLR series(single nut ball screw with metric thread)are based on C5,Ct7 and Ct10(JIS B 1192-3). According to accuracy grade, Axial play 0.005(Preload :C5),0.02(Ct7) and 0.05mm or less(Ct10). GLR series (single nut ball screw with metric thread)of screw shaft screw material S55C (induction hardening), nut material SCM415H (carburizing and hardening), the surface hardness of the ball screw part is HRC58 or higher. The shaft end shape of the GLR series (single nut ball screw wi...
  • PT Variable Pitch Slide

    PT Variable Pitch Slide

    The PT ariable pitch slide table is available in four models, with a small, lightweight design that reduces man-hours and installation, and is easy to maintain and assemble. It can be used to change items at any distance, for multi-point transfer, simultaneous equidistant or unequal picking and placing of items onto pallets/conveyor belts/boxes and test fixtures etc.

  • ZR Axis Actuator

    ZR Axis Actuator

    The ZR axis actuator is a direct drive type, where the hollow motor drives the ball screw and ball spline nut directly, resulting in a compact appearance shape. The Z-axis motor is driven to rotate the ball screw nut to achieve linear movement, where the spline nut acts as a stop and guide structure for the screw shaft.

  • RCP Series Fully Enclosed Motor Integrated Single Axis Actuator

    Fully Enclosed Single Axis Actuator

    KGG’s new generation of fully enclosed motor integrated single-axis actuators is primarily based on a modular design that integrates ball screws and linear guides, thus offering high precision, quick installation options, high rigidity, small size and space saving features. High precision ball screws are used as the drive structure and optimally designed U-rails are used as the guide mechanism to ensure accuracy and rigidity. It is the best choice for the automation market as it can significantly reduce the space and time required by the customer, while satisfying the horizontal and vertical load installation of the customer, and can also be used in combination with multiple axes.

  • High Lead High Precision Rustproof Ball Screws with Ball Spline

    Ball Screws with Ball Spline

    KGG focused on hybrid, Compact and lightweight. Ball Screws with Ball Spline are processed on the Ball Screw Shaft, this enable to move linearly and rotationally. In addition, air suction function is available through bore hollow.

  • Plastic Nuts Lead Screw with Good Sliding Properties

    Lead Screw with Plastic Nuts

    This series have good corrosion resistance by a combination of Stainless Shaft and Plastic Nut. It is reasonable price and suitable for transport with light load.

  • Miniature Rustproof High lead & High Speed Precision Ball Screw

    Precision Ball Screw

    KGG precision ground ball screws are made through a grinding process of the screw spindle. Precision ground balls crews provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life. These highly efficient ball screws are a perfect solution for a variety of applications.

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