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PT Variable Pitch Slide

The PT ariable pitch slide table is available in four models, with a small, lightweight design that reduces man-hours and installation, and is easy to maintain and assemble. It can be used to change items at any distance, for multi-point transfer, simultaneous equidistant or unequal picking and placing of items onto pallets/conveyor belts/boxes and test fixtures etc.

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PT Variable Pitch Slide

Still struggling with the complexities? Want to achieve multiple variable distance transport operations at the same time?

According to conventional designs, more time, effort and cost must be spent. Complex designs, huge parts, high costs and tedious assembly ......

KGG PT pitch slide actuators can increase your productivity. The compact design reduces time in critical processes and enables up to 9 items to be picked and placed simultaneously with high precision pitch.

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Model PT50 Type PT70 Type PT100 Type PT120 Type
Width mm 50mm 70mm 111mm 155mm
Max. Length of the Body  mm 330mm 380mm 2060mm 3140mm
Maximum Numbers of Sliders 16 16 32 36
Variable Distance Range mm 9-90mm 9-90mm 42-118mm 60-180mm
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