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High Rigidity High Accuracy Repeatable Roller Linear Motion Guide

The Roller Linear Motion Guide series features a roller as the rolling element instead of steel balls. This series is designed with a 45-degree angle of contact. Elastic deformation of the linear contact surface, during loading, is greatly reduced thereby offering greater rigidity and higher load capacities in all 4 load directions. The RG series linear guideway offers high performance for high-precision manufacturing and can achieve a longer service life than traditional ball bearing linear guideways.

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Roller Linear Motion Guide1

Feature 1: The sliding rail and the sliding block are in contact with each other through balls, so the shaking is small, which is suitable for equipment with precision requirements.

Feature 2: Because of the point-to-surface contact, the frictional resistance is very small, and fine movements can be performed to achieve high-precision positioning of control devices, etc.

Roller Linear Motion Guide2

Feature 3: Because the ball has its own rolling groove, the force on the rotating surface will be dispersed, so it has a larger allowable load.

Feature 4: The linear guide is not easy to generate frictional heat during operation, and is not easy to be deformed by heat, so it is suitable for high-speed motion.

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