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KGX High Rigidity Linear Actuator

This series is screw driven, small, lightweight and high rigidity features. This stage contains a motor-driven ballscrew module equipped with a stainless steel cover strip to prevent particles from entering or exiting.

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KGX High Rigidity Linear Actuator Details

KGG Miniature Electric Actuators High Quality KK Single Axis Robot Ball Screw Actuator in stock China Linear Actuator Manufacturers Suppliers KGX40

KGX series has 6 types, all of them are screw drive with high rigidity and high speed.

KK Series industrial stage modularizes both ballscrew and guideway to achieve better performance on accuracy, stiffness, raipd installation, and space saving. With the block of KK driven by balls crew and sliding on the optimized U-rail, greater stiffness and high accuracy are therefore performed.


Easy for system design, installation and maintenance

Compact and lightweight

High accuracy and high stiffness

Well equipped with required accessories

Design Optimization*

* high stiffness + lightweight structure

Pic KGX40 KGX50 KGX60 KGX86 KGX100 KGX100
Model KGX40 Series KGX50 Series KGX60 Series KGX86 Series KGX100 Series KGX130 Series
Width  mm 40mm 50mm 60mm 86mm 100mm 130mm
Maximum Stroke  mm 200mm 300mm 600mm 940mm 1380mm 1680mm
Maximum Payload  kg 73kg 231kg 374kg 714kg 704kg 789kg
Maximum speed 190mm/s 270mm/s 1100mm/s 1480mm/s 1120mm/s 1120mm/s
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