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ZR Axis Actuator

The ZR axis actuator is a direct drive type, where the hollow motor drives the ball screw and ball spline nut directly, resulting in a compact appearance shape. The Z-axis motor is driven to rotate the ball screw nut to achieve linear movement, where the spline nut acts as a stop and guide structure for the screw shaft.

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ZR Axis Actuator

ZR axis actuator uses a hollow motor to drive the Z axis to rotate the ball screw nut to achieve up and down linear movement, at which point the ball spline nut acts as a stopping and guiding structure for the screw axis. The ball screw nut and ball spline nut rotate at the same speed and in the same direction to achieve in-situ rotation of the drive shaft without up and down linear motion. The ZR shaft actuator can be used with multiple axes to save time for rapid component handling.


Product advantages:

01. Axial clearance of 0

02. Low noise and smooth movement

03. Hybrid compact and lightweight construction

04. Closed-loop encoder construction

05. Pressure control possible

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Model ZRIN28 Type ZRIN42 Type ZRFS30S Type ZRFS42S Type
Width mm 28mm 42mm 30mm 42mm
Maximum Travel mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 100mm
Maximum Thust Force 5N 19N 30N 50N
Screw Diameter mm 6mm 8mm 6mm 8mm
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