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HSRA High Thrust Electric Cylinder

As a novel mechanical and electrical integration product, HSRA servo electric cylinder is not easily affected by the ambient temperature, and can be used in low temperature, high temperature, rain It can work normally in harsh environments such as snow, and the protection level can reach IP66. The electric cylinder adopts precision transmission components such as precision ball screw or planetary roller screw, which saves a lot of complicated mechanical structures, and its transmission efficiency has been greatly improved. 

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HSRA High Thrust Electric Cylinder

HSRA High Thrust Electric Cylinder

HSRA high-thrust electric cylinder (with ball screw) can achieve precise positioning of about 0.01mm through servo control, with high positioning accuracy, and is suitable for occasions with relatively high precision requirements. At the same time, the electric cylinder can achieve quite high positioning accuracy under the condition of semi-open loop. When the electric cylinder adopts ball screw or planetary roller screw, the friction force of the transmission part will be greatly reduced, which is beneficial to reduce material wear, improve operation stability and prolong service life.

Product Specification:

Body Width






Maximum Rated Thrust


Maximum Rated Torque


Screw Diameter


Applicable Motor Type

Servo Motor

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Model HSRA40 Type HSRA50 Type HSRA63 Type HSRA80 Type HSRA100 Type
Width mm 53mm 63mm 75mm 95mm 110mm
Maximum Travel mm 600mm 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Maximum Thust Force 690N 2560N 2560N 6110N 7645N
Screw Diameter mm 12mm 16mm 25mm 25mm 32mm
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