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Plastic Nuts Lead Screw with Good Sliding Properties

This series have good corrosion resistance by a combination of Stainless Shaft and Plastic Nut. It is reasonable price and suitable for transport with light load.

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Lead Screw with Plastic Nuts Introduction And Selection Table

Heat resistance: The heat resistance with a thermal deformation temperature of260 deg c can be continuously used in a high temperature environment of170-200 deg c.

Drug resistance: lt is characterized by not being eroded by other acids, bases and organic solvents such as hot concentrated nitric acid.

Mechanical properties: Compared with other plastics, it has excellent strength, elasticity, mechanical properties, fatigue resistance and wear resistance.

Precision formability: lt has the characteristics of good fluidity and stable size during forming, and is suitable for precision forming.

Resurgence: Because no flame retardant was added, UL94 v-O standard experimental conditions were adopted, which gave full play to the characteristics of non-combustibility.

Electrical characteristics: lt has dielectric characteristics,insulation breakdown voltage and other aspects and also has excellent characteristics.

Table of Shaft dia. and Lead Screw with Plastic Nuts
   Lead (mm)
1 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 12 15 18 20 24 30 36
Shaft dia (mm) 4                              

Lead Screw with Plastic Nuts Details

P-MSS Ballscrew

The precision grade of P-MSS series resin lead screw is subject to ct7 of ball screw. The axial clearance is0.02-0.07mm, and the axial clearance can also be set to 0 by selecting the toothless side clearance type.

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