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What Is A 6 DOF Freedom Robot?

The structure of the six-degree-of-freedom parallel robot consists of the upper and lower platforms, 6 telescopic cylinders in the middle, and 6 ball hinges on each side of the upper and lower platforms.

The general telescopic cylinders are composed of servo-electric or hydraulic cylinders (large tonnage in the form of hydraulic cylinders). With the help of six electric cylinder actuator expansion and contraction movement, complete the platform in the space of six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ) of the movement, which can simulate a variety of spatial movement posture, and therefore can be widely used in a variety of training simulators, such as flight simulators, automobile driving simulators, earthquake simulators, satellites, missiles and other aircraft, recreational equipment (kinetic film swing stage) and other fields. In the processing industry can be made into six-axis linkage machine tools, robots and so on.


Key features of six-degree-of-freedom parallel robots:

Since the introduction of industrial robots, robots with tandem mechanisms have dominated. Tandem robots have a simple structure and large operating space, and thus are widely used. Due to the limitations of tandem robots themselves, researchers have gradually shifted their research direction to parallel robots. Compared with tandem robots, six-degree-of-freedom parallel robots have the following characteristics:

1. No cumulative error, high precision.

2. The driving device can be placed on or close to the fixed platform, so that the moving part is light in weight, high in speed and good in dynamic response.

3. Compact structure, high rigidity, large bearing capacity, small working space.

4. Completely symmetrical parallel mechanism has good isotropy.

According to these characteristics, six-degree-of-freedom parallel robots have been widely used in fields that require high stiffness, high precision or large loads without a large workspace.

Advantages of 6dof over 3dof

In VR, various 3dof experiences are useful for limited applications that do not require full immersion, such as a simple driver version of a program designed to test braking reaction times. This may be controversial, but it makes for a very "flat" experience.

For a fully immersive VR experience, 6dof lets you walk around an item in a 360-degree circle, bend over and view the item from top to bottom - or crouch and view the item from bottom to top. This positional tracking enables a more engaging experience, which is crucial for realistic simulations such as firefighting simulations, where greater freedom is required to move and manipulate objects in the environment.

Post time: Nov-29-2023